Morgan electric 3-wheel sports car chases Aptera, open-air style

British automaker Morgan on Wednesday unveiled a new prototype for an electric version of its classic 3-wheeler. In addition to charmingly anachronistic sports cars, Morgan is known for three-wheelers, which the company originally started producing to exploit a tax loophole

Most EVs don’t deliver EPA range at 70 mph

The real-world range of EVs can vary a lot at highway speeds, Consumer Reports found in a recent test. The publication tested 22 EVs from multiple automakers at a constant speed of 70 mph to simulate highway-driving conditions. While some

Revamped Grand Touring range leader coming soon

Lucid on Tuesday announced a number of changes to the 2024 Lucid Air lineup, which now starts at $78,900 with destination. That base price is $5,000 lower than before, but that’s because all-wheel drive is no longer standard on the