Big Genesis GV90 electric SUV will be made in South Korea



The Genesis GV90, a “super-large” electric SUV destined for the U.S., will be built in South Korea starting in 2026, Korean Car Blog reported this week.

Genesis parent Hyundai on Monday held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new EV-specific plant in Ulsan, South Korea. The automaker said the plant will start mass-producing vehicles in 2026, with a targeted annual capacity of 200,000 vehicles. The EV plant joins other facilities at the Ulsan site, where Hyundai has been producing cars since 1968.

A Hyundai press release stated that a Genesis electric SUV will be the first model assembled at the new plant. Korean Car Blog reports that said SUV will be the GV90, citing comments from the plant’s boss.

Rendering of Hyundai EV assembly plant in Ulsan, South Korea

Rendering of Hyundai EV assembly plant in Ulsan, South Korea


The GV90, which has also been spotted by Korean Car Blog in Death Valley, will sit above the Genesis GV80 (which doesn’t yet have an electric variant) in size and prestige. That also means it will likely have a price well above the $80,000 federal EV tax credit cap for SUVs, so assembling it in South Korea won’t make a difference in that regard.

Genesis’ current EV lineup consists of the GV60 SUV—based on the E-GMP platform used by the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, among others—and the Electrified GV70 SUV and Electrified G80 sedan, both electric variants of gasoline vehicles.

U.S. production of Genesis Electrified GV70 in Alabama

U.S. production of Genesis Electrified GV70 in Alabama

Among EVs, so far only the Genesis Electrified GV70 is being assembled in the U.S.; vehicles produced in Alabama began deliveries earlier this year. Hyundai has also said that some Genesis (and Kia) EVs will be made alongside Hyundai-brand models at its Georgia “Metaplant.” Hyundai earlier this year stepped up EV production at that plant to fall 2024.

In addition to larger electric SUVs, Genesis has hinted that it’s thinking about an electric luxury convertible, with its X Convertible Concept. The concept was first shown about a year ago, but there’s been no mention of production plans since.


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