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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anti-Theft Alarm in Bike


Your bike is precious to you. Apart from being an expensive investment, it also makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Keeping your bike safe should hence be of paramount importance. The anti-theft alarm in bikes prevents bike thefts. Bike manufacturers have designed a unique locking system to prevent your bike from being stolen.

How do Anti-Theft Bike Alarms work?

The anti-theft alarm system operates with a sensor. The manufacturers install the sensors in and around your bike. Bike movements will activate the sensor. The sensor will trigger the alarm system once it gets activated. The alarm will then start making sounds. This alarm sound can alert the bike owner. Even a vehicle’s position change can alert the sensor. The smallest movement and vehicle position change can activate the anti-theft alarm.

You can either ask the manufacturer to fit the alarm when you buy the bike. Or you can even purchase it as one of the motorcycle accessories

How Can Anti-Theft Alarm Stop Bike Theft?

The anti-theft bike alarm is a device which has unauthorized access to your bike. This is the reason, the bike manufacturers install such devices to prevent bike theft. It also restricts access from an unauthorized person. The car central locking in cars also works toward preventing car theft. It is a wonderful system to keep your cars safely parked.

What Does a Good Bike Alarm System Do?

The basic principles of an anti-theft bike alarm are:

  • Most anti-theft alarm systems work with the help of a motion sensor. It triggers the alarm when there is a movement on the bike.
  • The alarm makes a very loud noise. This audible sound can keep ringing for quite some time. Ideally, this sound is sufficient in alerting the thief and making other people nearby aware of an ongoing theft.

But these are some basic principles of anti-theft alarms. However, you will come across a variety of options when you start searching for bike alarm systems. While some are remote-controlled, others come with app settings. The prices too vary based on their features, settings and brand.

How to Determine Which is the Best Anti-Theft Bike Alarm in Bike for You?

You wouldn’t get a definite answer to this. For better clarity on this, you can always ask a few questions to yourself:

  • How expensive or affordable is your bike’s price? If is it a hands-down bike from your grandpa or is it a luxurious bike? Accordingly, you have to decide what type of anti-theft alarm system you need. The more expensive and luxurious your bike is, the better the quality anti-theft system you need.
  • How often do you go out for a ride on your bike? This will help you to determine the type of alarm that you need. If you go out frequently, you might need an anti-theft alarm in a bike that doesn’t break down over time.
  • Consider where you park your bike. If you park it mostly in public places, then you would need the best alarm system for yourself.

Based on these questions, you can determine which type of anti-theft alarm safety system you need for your bike. When you are looking forward to buying a premium quality alarm system for your luxurious car. You have to consider the following features of the alarm system.

The Warning Signal Should Be Audible Enough

The anti-theft alarm system should have a very loud sound. It should sound unpleasant and disturbing to the thief. Only then will the thief make the quickest run. Make sure the alarm that you buy is louder than 100 decibels. Most bike alarm systems go beyond 100 dB and more. 

How to Differentiate the Best Alarm from Not-So-Good Anti-Theft Alarms?

The most convincing reason not to buy a poor-quality a is that they go off every time a strong wind blow. Poor quality alarm systems might even go off when a passerby bumps on your bike accident. 

The premier quality alarms trigger a few short tones. They switch to the original alarm mode after further vibrations. You can adjust the alarm signal volume to different environments.

Bike Alarm Systems Can Differentiate Between Short Jolts

The smart alarms in bikes can differentiate between short jolts. They determine prolonged jostle-caused jolts and indicated attempted theft. This can minimize the stress for you as a bike owner.

Choose a Waterproof Alarm System

Your alarm system isn’t robust enough if a small thunderstorm makes it stop forever. Always go for a waterproof anti-theft alarm in the bike, especially if you love adventures. Robust alarm systems are great since even thieves cannot silence them.

Go for Long-Lasting and Easy Charge Batteries

The battery powers up a bike alarm. So, it is obvious that you have to recharge and replace it every time. But wouldn’t it be great if you could charge your batteries from the bike’s motor? Also, the anti-theft bike alarm battery must have a longer life cycle.

An anti-theft alarm on bikes can keep your bike safe from thefts. The anti-theft bike alarm systems give you peace of mind. Besides, they are the best tool for theft protection. With the alarm system, you can optimize your bike safety. 

The alarm system keeps you updated about the bike through smartphone notifications. Plus, they are easy to operate and are resistant to popular theft methods. 

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