Ford E-Tourneo Courier shows how versatile small EVs can be



Ford on Monday unveiled a versatile small EV that won’t make it to the U.S, but could be a template for success in America.

The Ford E-Tourneo Courier is a small van similar to (but even smaller than) the Transit Connect that was recently withdrawn from this market, but with an all-electric powertrain. It’s scheduled to von on sale in Europe in late 2024.

This is the second generation of a small van Ford originally launched in 2014 (and sometimes known as the Transit Courier), but the first available as an EV. There will still be gasoline versions (which will go on sale a bit earlier), but this is the sort of vehicle that may make the best sense as an EV. The E-Tourneo Courier’s 134-hp electric motor offers a bit more power than the 1.0-liter turbo-3 gasoline engine, with what will likely be smoother propulsion and better driving characteristics.

Ford E-Tourneo Courier electric van for Europe

Ford E-Tourneo Courier electric van for Europe


Ford’s press materials dub the 5-seat E-Tourneo Courier a “multi-activity vehicle,” and it features SUV-like styling to appear more rugged than a traditional van. At about 164 inches long, it’s a very small vehicle by U.S. standards, but it could be quite the rival to models like the Kia Soul or Hyundai Kona—two other vehicles that lean heavily on SUV styling cues—with sliding rear doors and a usable frunk.

Ford didn’t provide battery specs or range estimates, but noted that 11 kw AC charging and 100 kw DC fast charging will be available, allowing for a 10%-100% charge in 5.7 hours and a 10%-80% charge in under 35 minutes, respectively.

Ford E-Tourneo Courier electric van for Europe

Ford E-Tourneo Courier electric van for Europe


In addition to the E-Tourneo Courier, Ford is selling a new, smaller Explorer in Europe that’s based on the Volkswagen ID.4. These smaller, practicality-focused models show how automakers need to be a little more inventive with EVs that are U.S.-bound. 

Instead, Ford is going big with EVs for the U.S.—with the F-150 Lightning and a three-row electric SUVon the way. The strategy mirrors Ford’s truck-heavy approach to its gasoline vehicle lineup, and shows no signs of letting up. Also upcoming is Project T3, due in 2025, which CEO Jim Farley has teased as “the Millennium Falcon of trucks.”

In the meantime, the Ford Mustang Mach-E has also become more affordable; but in some eyes, it’s just not as practical as a vehicle like the ones Ford has been unveiling for Europe.


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