Jaguar Land Rover sees EV range gains with Formula E tech



The automaker on Monday announced a partnership with North Carolina-based Wolfspeed to use the latter’s silicon carbide semiconductor tech in future EVs. Wolfspeed already supplies similar tech to the Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E team, which has used it to “accelerate on-track efficiency and performance,” JLR noted in a press release.

Silicon carbide semiconductors will specifically be used in the inverters of future Jaguar and Land Rover EVs, with JLR expecting range gains and increased efficiency.

2022 Land Rover Range Rover at Napa Valley press drive, April 2022

2022 Land Rover Range Rover at Napa Valley press drive, April 2022

Slated to be manufactured at a Wolfspeed facility in New York, the semiconductors will first go into Range Rover models starting in 2024, and Jaguar models the following year. Jaguar is scheduled to be all-electric by then, although management has changed plans on electrification multiple times over the past few years.

Prior to canceling the fully electric flagship Jaguar XJ in 2021, the company gave mixed signals on development priorities—including that it didn’t see the “diminishing returns” of big battery electric SUVs as worthwhile, arguing that hydrogen fuel cells were better.

2022 Jaguar I-Pace

2022 Jaguar I-Pace

That reportedly left Jaguar looking for a new platform, after it decided not to add more models based on its I-Pace, the brand’s only current EV. Then in February of this year Jaguar revealed that it is still working on an “absolutely bespoke” platform for a range of upcoming EVs, as part of a “Reimagine” strategy.

That strategy, which the Wolfspeed partnership also falls under, aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across JLR’s products, operations, and supply chain by 2039.

BMW and JLR teamed up in 2019 to share some EV propulsion components, moving forward, like electric drive units, motors, and controllers, so it’s not clear how this new agreement with Wolfspeed affects that.


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