Nissan Hyper Punk EV concept visualizes a coupe for creatives



Nissan on Thursday revealed the fourth in its series of four “Hyper” concept vehicles on the way for a physical debut at the upcoming Tokyo auto show next week. 

It says that the Hyper Punk concept is “tailored for content creators, influencers, artists, and those who embrace style and innovation.”

To that end, the Hyper Punk is designed to be a “mobile creative studio” allowing seamless connectivity and a place to create while on the move. AI and biosensors help detect the driver’s mood and adjust music and lighting accordingly. Origami-inspired design elements decorate the cabin, while AI-created manga-style scenery inspired by what’s around the car can be projected around the driver. It doesn’t show back seats, but they’re likely to be small if they exist at all. 

Nissan Hyper Punk concept

Nissan Hyper Punk concept

Like the Tesla Cybertruck design and its own professed cyberpunk aesthetic, the Hyper Punk has an abrupt peak in the roofline just behind the front windshield pillar. Surfacing is busy, with a combination of contouring, a special paint, and “multifaceted and polygonal surfaces” that, Nissan says, help it stand out differently depending on the angle and light sources. The headlights, taillights, and rear treatment also get a polygonal design. 

While some details in the Hyper Punk concept appear to be true concept-vehicle territory, as design ideas are tested with the public, there are hints that Nissan sees some merit with the fundamental shape and format. It calls the design “highly stable” and points to “superior aerodynamic performance” for the design.

Nissan Hyper Punk concept

Nissan Hyper Punk concept

Nissan didn’t discuss propulsion or battery tech in the Hyper Punk. With the Hyper Tourer concept revealed earlier this week, the company mentioned that solid-state battery technology might help form a basis for that spacious design. 

The Hyper Punk will join the Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, and Hyper Tourer concepts for a Tokyo debut on Oct. 25. Prior to that, Nissan is previewing them on a digital 3D billboard in Tokyo’s brightly lit Shinjuku district. After the debut these concepts will once again go virtual—to the game “Fortnite” under the name “Electrify the World.”


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